Friday, October 31, 2014

Dylan Cotton
Opening/Operating a Public Access Glass Studio
Tuesday november 4th
9am-11am demonstration (the wild kind)
studio visits 1pm-330pm (sign up on my door)
lecture/discussion 430pm glass classroom b35
nyscc glass studio@binns merrill hall@alfred university

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The 8th Annual Meltdown to be held at the National Casting Center at Alfred University. Be sure to bring a mould as well as some iron too! If you are bringing a mould please e-mail or contact Stephen Coles through Facebook, we will need to know mould size and weight of metal so that we don't run out half way through!!...

The days event's will feature a silent art auction curated by the Alfred Foundry Guild in aid to raise money for S.A.F.E. As well as this there will be a number of small stands and events and fresh stone baked pizza.

We will be running 500lb ladles out of our large cupola Tara! If we need the extra capacity we will also be running Mothra out back, again if you are interested in being involved with the pour please get in touch and let us know. Be sure to bring your halloween outfits as the after party will be at Alex's on main street. If you are thinking of staying in town for a couple of nights again please get in touch so that we can figure out accommodation for you.

Neon Invitational in Muncie

Showcasing the work of four internationally known artists, “Negotiating Distance: a Neon Invitational” presents a collection of large-scale neon sculptures and installations that engage the viewer in a dynamic experience of contemporary neon. This exhibition will take place in the Atrium Gallery at Ball State University from September 23rd through October 18th.
The Artists include Hiromi Takizawa, Alicia Eggert, Sarah Blood and Fred Tschida. All four artists deal with the idea of distance in equally diverse and meaningful ways. Takizawa addresses a sense of place and her childhood spent in the natural world of Japan. Eggert’s work focuses on the relationship between language, image and time. Blood employs objects to activate the viewer’s memory and comments on the human condition. Tschida explores natural phenomena and creates volumes in space using light and time.
Hiromi Takizawa has exhibited internationally including a solo show at Heller Gallery in New York. She was the youngest artist included in Glass Quarterly’s 50 at 50, a list of the top fifty artists using glass that will lead the field into the next century. Alicia Eggert received the 2014 Individual Artist Fellowship from the Maine Arts Commission and is a 2013 TED Fellow. Sarah Blood is an Assistant Professor at Alfred University teaching neon and glass, and has recently exhibited in the U.K. Hong Kong, and U.S.A. Fred Tschida was recently named the 2014 Libensky/Brychtova Award recipient from Pilchuck Glass School, which acknowledges extraordinary talent and high achievement in the world of glass and educational leadership.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Alfred University Division of Sculpture Video by Courtney Wilcox

Kira O"Reilly Visiting Artist Lecture

Jennifer Crescuillo Visiting Artist Workshop + Lecture

Break it with a hammer.

This class will focus on combining traditional cold working techniques with unorthodox ways of scratching, cracking, chipping, flaking, grinding, buffing, and treating glass to create a wide variety of finished effects. Combinations of multiple cold working processes will be explored to achieve new and unexpected results. Traditional and nontraditional uses for common studio cold working equipment will be incorporated while still maintaining a safe environment.  Students will come away with a mindset not geared towards particular cold techniques,  but with a greater understanding of the effects of those techniques.

An Interdisciplinary course between SOAD and SOE
Wednesdays 1020-1110 location variable

Course Description
GLASSARTENGINE is an interdisciplinary course between glass engineering students and glass art students. The course will be taught by various faculty across both areas to combine both technologies and philosophies to foster collaborations yielding unknown results.


In this class you will be asked to come up with one or more proposals to work across the disciplines of engineering and art with a goal of collaboration and discovery.  The faculty will lecture and demonstrate in their respective areas in order to promote new ideas and help respective students understand each other’s areas.

The class time will offer lab time in both the Glass Blowing Studio/National Casting Center and various labs in glass engineering.



John Chiles of HUB Consolidated and his fabricator Zach will start construction on an experimental glass furnace for scaling up our color and experimental melts. With mini workshops to go over crucial moments in building/fabricating/plumbing/combustion.
Be prepared to fabricate/cut brick/take notes/take pictures come and go as you need for classes and work.
This workshop marks an investment in the collaboration with material engineering at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Lisa Zerkowitz and Boyd Sugiki workshops

 Many thanks to Boyd and Lisa for the 2 days of amazing workshops.  The students and faculty learned so much!

Lisa Zerkowitz and Boyd Sugiki workshops next week Hi All,
Join us to welcome Lisa Zerkowitz and Boyd Sugiki for 2 days of workshops next week.

Workshops Monday and Tuesday
September 15th and 16th
8:30-11am and 130-4pm
Glassblowing Studio

Sponsored by the Division of Sculpture/Glass Area SOAD, NYSCC, Alfred University