Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Visiting artist Weston Lambert! ‪#‎summerschool‬ ‪#‎glassrocks‬

Weston Lambert lives and works in New Orleans, Louisiana and is the Professor of Practice in the glass program at Tulane University. His sculptures have been included in theGlass Quarterly magazine, Sculpture magazine and have been shown both nationally and internationally at exhibits such as SOFA Chicago and the Cheongju Craft Biennale in South Korea. Lambert has also recently completed public commissions of glass, metal and stone for the cities of Chattanooga, Tennessee and Geneva, Illinois.

Press Release: Sculpture Faculty Coral Lambert Showing in Italy

Ein Tanz- und Feuerspektakel
13 GIUGNO / 13. JUNI 2015
IL Giardino di Daniel Spoerri
Fusione di una medaglia con il sigillo del Giardino
Es entsteht eine Medaille mit dem Siegel des Giardino
Join an amazing group of international artists for an evening atmosphere full of myths and legends as temperatures reach up to 2650 Fahrenheit! Watch as molten iron flows from a uniquely designed furnace that emulates the elemental forces of a volcano. In a one hour ritual the white leather clad fire dancers interact with the ‘Volcano Furnace’ bringing it to life and speeding up the work of nature. Getting hotter and hotter, the molten iron melts and is carried by the furnace operators to cast new sculpture in the form of Iron Diamonds. The mechanical sound of the blowers of the furnace and hammering of iron is complimented with electronically composed harmonic sound samples that capture the essence of the elements and the shifting plates of the earth. The performance as a whole will have three acts: each act will take place at the time the molten iron is taken from the furnace and cast on site. Three distinct dance compositions flow in and out as the pulse of the iron flows. At the finale the wondrous mercurial ‘Phoenix’ rises as if bought to life by the active volcano and transformative dance historically connected to the history of metal casting and use of fire to create art.
The group of artists presenting this unique experience come from diverse backgrounds and met by way of working with cast iron which by nature is a collaborative undertaking of logistics and choreography. This will be the second performance of the ‘Volcano Furnace’ and the ‘Flight of the Phoenix’ after last year’s success at Pedvale Sculpture Park in Latvia for Midsummers.
“Forno Fusorio di Vulcano” (VOLCANO FURNACE)
Prof Coral Penelope Lambert (NYC, USA) in collaboration with Blacksmith Andreas Glaser (Basel/Switzerland) and Sound by Data Artist Paul Higham (NYC/USA)
“Volo di Fenice” Danza (Flight of the Phoenix Dance)
Costumes & Choreography by Cynthia Handel (Montana/USA) and Prof Jenny K Hager (Jacksonville/USA), Third Dancer Susanne Roewer (Berlin/Germany)
“Volo di Fenice” Scultura/Marionetta (Flight of the Phoenix Sculpture/Puppet)
Susanne Roewer (Berlin/Germany) and Andreas Glaser (Basel/Switzerland)
Con la partecipazione di Susanne Neumann, fotografia di Gerhard Haug

2 alumni showing in Brooklyn @ Urban Glass

New Work: The UrbanGlass MFA Exhibition

The work of Doreen Garner (Rhode Island School of Design, 2014) uses glass, hair weave, latex, and other materials to create objects and performances that explore rap culture, craft, race, and sexuality. Architectural space and optics are the subject of Shaun Griffith's (Alfred University, 2014) video, which presents a painstakingly built glass room that depicts shifting light and shadows. Tatara Siegel (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2014) also makes work that recreates the familiar; her series of sculptural objects meticulously render trash and maintenance supplies in materials including glass and ceramics. Kim Watters' (Alfred University, 2014) works use neon and fluorescent lights to present text and gestural lines based on results from the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test.