Select 2017 Exhibitions

A Chair That...
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Mimi Bai
Opening Reception - April 15th, 2017
Fosdick-Nelson Gallery

"In my work, I endeavor to highlight the complex, shifting nature of identity as well as the nuances and contradictions found within interpersonal relationships. Intersectionality – the intersecting vertices of race, class, gender, etc, that affect an individual’s experience in society - is the overarching framework for my work. My undergraduate degree in Sociology offered me the tools with which to recognize how I am implicated in and benefit from systemic racism, economic exploitation, and gender inequality. The desire to address these realities and resist replicating them in my own life is a strong motivation in my sculpture practice.

The show’s titular piece A chair that.... is an alternate biography, told not through chronological events but rather by an inventory of desires, insecurities, hopes, and flaws: “a chair that makes me less self righteous...a chair that keeps me humble...a chair that makes me sit down to eat....” The list details genuine (embarrassing, neurotic, self-absorbed) desires. There are clear tensions between the author’s more admirable aspirations and her less-than-flattering realities. These tensions become the motivating questions behind all the works in the show."

-Mimi Bai

For an in-depth read about Mimi's Thesis Exhibition, visit this blog post!

A Kind of Souvenir
MFA Thesis Exhibition by Morgan Rose Free
Opening Reception - April 8th, 2017
Fosdick-Nelson Gallery

"A preoccupation with nostalgia, with memory, with the idea of a pure and authentic experience, wanting to recapture a memory and prolong it. I yearn for a space in which to re-experience, reimagine and recreate a place or a memory of that place. This is explored through interaction and interplay between natural and synthetic elements in my work, primarily employing an amalgamation of found and fabricated forms featuring textiles, wood and domestic objects.

I am a collector of things. Things which remind me of certain places and people, memories of specific events. I am a collector of souvenirs, choosing to surround myself with objects that provoke nostalgia and memories. This body of work specifically tries to feed the instatiable hunger of nostalgia. I aim to memorialize unrecoverable moments. In this way, each one of these works can be read to function as A Kind of Souvenir."

-Morgan Rose Free

Nuclear Lawn Bowling: Sun at Midnight
March 1 - April 1, 2017
Fosdick-Nelson Gallery

An exhibition highlighting artwork by our own Alfred Sculpture faculty! Featuring work by Sarah Blood, Diane Cox, Karen Donnellan, Brett Hunter, Coral Lambert, Angus Powers and guest collaborators Paul Higham, John Hogan, Whitney Hubbs, Andrew Oesch, Hiromi Takizawa and "of the land and the sky, big horn mts".

By Coral Lambert

"Ghost and Robot" by Brett Hunter and Andrew Oesch

"Ghost and Robot" by Brett Hunter and Andrew Oesch

"this crone's odyssey" by Diane Cox and 'of the land and the sky, big horn mtns.'

"Slide 1 - 15" by J/K (Karen Donnellan and John Hogan)

"Untitled (for now)" By Karen Donnellan and Whitney Hubbs

"The Control_YTP" from the darkCANDYchromaticsSeries, by Sarah Blood and Angus Powers

All the Good Show Names Ar
February 17, 2017

All the Good Show Names Ar (Argon - it's a light show!) features the neon works of students from Sarah Blood's Fall 2016 Glass and Light class. Exhibiting artists include Shelby Bystrak, Sydney Celio, Abby Dallas, Enas Hassan, Sean Heverin, Noah Heyman, Calvin Hubbard, Leah Kaczanowicz, Lucas Rougeux, Danielle Schaefer, Ruby Wisniewski, Hillary Heckard, Sydni Gause, James Ronner, Natalie Lambert and Jon Moreno. 

Photos by Alfred Sculpture grads Schuyler Dawson, Ashley Kerr and Marina Fridman.

First year grad Sydni Gause with her work

First year grads Sydni Gause and Marina Fridman with Sydni's work

By Noah Heyman

By Jon Moreno

By Natalie Lambert

By Natalie Lambert

By Enas Hassan

By Enas Hassan

By Calvin Hubbard

By Calvin Hubbard

By James Ronner

By James Ronner

By James Ronner

Works by Hillary Heckard, James Ronner, Calvin Hubbard and Jon Moreno

Natalie Lambert and Sydni Gause

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