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A sampling of undergraduate classes:

Art 361: Glass Blowing

An intermediate-level exploration of glass and combinations of glass and other media as they apply to sculpture. Concentration in hot glass and glass blowing techniques (including color techniques), and mold making. Projects are developed to foster self-determination of ideas in relation to media.

Art 362: Advanced Glass Blowing

A continuation of ART 361 that further develops personal expression in glass sculpture. Processes include glass blowing, solid working, mold making, and color, utilizing high-temperature glass enamels.

Art 363: Glass and Light (Neon)

This course is an in-depth investigation into the potential of light as a material and a comprehensive 
introduction to working with luminous tube technology --a normally commercial process--as a means of sculptural expression. The course examines neon's potential in combination with other materials both traditional and non-traditional as well as sealing, bending, processing of neon tubes, safe installation, and wiring.

Art 354: Glass Casting

An introductory investigation of personal expression through cast glass sculpture with an emphasis on mold making. Students learn open-faced solid glass casting using both loose and rigid sand molds. Topics range from the object and figurative sculpture to geometric abstraction and site-specific environments.

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