Visiting Artists

Visiting Artist: Martin Janecky

Photos by Ashley Kerr

Visiting Artist: Anna Mlasowsky

Here are a few images from our adventures experimenting with Suzanne at Alfred's National Casting Center! Born in 1984 in Germany, Anna Mlasowsky received her BA in Glass from the Royal Danish Academy in 2011 and an MFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington in 2016. Her experimental work is included in various Museum collections such as The Corning Museum of Glass, The European Museum of Modern Glass Art and the Glasmuseum in Ebeltoft. She won the UK Glass Prize in 2013, the Otto Waldrich Preis and the Emerge Silver Award in 2014. Anna gave the prestigious Page Hazelgrove lecture at MIT in 2014. She is currently the research Artist in Residence at the Corning Inc: Science Center.

At Alfred, Anna demonstrated a process that she developed called "mold-less pate de verre" as part of Karen Donnellan's junior glass casting class. It uses very thin glass shells and interior scaffolding instead of exterior molds to cast glass powder. View more of Anna's work at

Visiting Artist: Suzanne Peck
Photos by Marina Fridman

Last week, Alfred Sculpture welcomed visiting artist Suzanne Peck to our wintery campus! 

Suzanne earned her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design’s glass department. Indeed, glass  provides continued inspiration in her work,  even when the substance itself is absent (isn’t glass always, in a way, absent?).  Using glass, photography, digital video and new media, her art practice considers touch, interconnectivity and skin through the lens of sculpture and installation. Her work is exhibited worldwide and held in both public and private collections. Glass and art have been the major engines driving Suzanne around the globe, and she has taught and exhibited all over the United States and Australia. Suzanne lives and creates in Brooklyn, NY. 

Suzanne joined Karen Donnellan's Junior Casting Class for a morning of experimentation in glass casting. Taking inspiration from skin, texture and gesture as a starting point for our explorations, the class embedded organic objects in glass, experimented with influencing its texture, and engaged in various other experiments. 

What happens when you ladle glass onto a sheet roller covered in Cheerios? We found out. What occurs when you pour glass over a chiyote (a plant in the gourd family)? We tried that, too! Suzanne also gave a wonderful artist talk about her work, which you can view on her website: SuzannePeck.comHere are a few images from our adventures experimenting with Suzanne at Alfred's National Casting Center!

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